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10 Tips to Increase Home Value for Resale

Posted by Organizers Direct on 9/30/16 1:15 PM

Many homeowners choose professional design services not for themselves, but for resale purposes. They know it pays to have a spacious, organized home that makes them stand out from other similarly-sized homes on the market. We checked in with our designers and discovered ten of the best investments a homeowner can make to boost their house’s resale value – and make it a pleasant place to live in the meantime.

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5 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe for Fall

Posted by Organizers Direct on 8/29/16 11:43 AM

The kids are back in school, the NFL preseason has begun, and pumpkin spice lattes will soon be back in season. The signs of autumn are unmistakable. With the changing temperatures also come different fashions – and different storage needs as you transition to a warmer wardrobe. Our experts have the advice you need to put together your perfect look for fall, and some closet design tips to keep your fashions organized all season long. Discover a whole new look for fall – and maybe even snag some closet design tips to boot!

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4 Home Décor Ideas for Empty Nesters

Posted by Organizers Direct on 7/27/16 1:20 PM

When the kids are away, the parents will play! …or at least we’re pretty sure that’s how it goes. In any case, the kids are off to college and empty nesters often find themselves with an unoccupied room in the house. There’s no reason to waste perfectly good space in your home. Put it to good use with a completely custom design that enhances your routine and adds value to your home.

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His and Hers Closets: How to Bring Harmony to the Design

Posted by Organizers Direct on 7/1/16 11:29 AM

It can be a challenge to create custom closet organization systems that meet the expectations of both spouses. She might want valet rods to plan her outfits for the next day while he might want a way to organize his ties and belts. Our designers are skilled at listening to your needs and incorporating elements that will benefit everyone – no matter how different your tastes are.

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Organizers Direct Dealer Contributes to St. Jude Dream Home

Posted by Organizers Direct on 5/31/16 4:00 PM

The small town of Lafayette, Louisiana is home to more than just a few neighborhoods and shopping centers – this town is the location of one of the community’s most heartwarming stories. On a quiet street in a picturesque neighborhood sits a beautiful two-story home. The house is painted white –indicative of a fresh start – and the door is a cheerful red. A lush, green lawn greets visitors as they approach. But it isn’t the outside of this house that makes it so special – it’s the people who came together to build this house that are truly making a difference in the community.

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Do You Have Closet Envy? Follow These Tips to Get the Custom Closet of Your Dreams.

Posted by Organizers Direct on 5/27/16 1:12 PM

Closet Envy. We’ve all had it. You see those glamorous photos of spacious closets with the perfectly aligned purses and you temporarily drift off to dream land, thinking, “if only I were rich and famous…”

The truth is, you can have a beautiful and functional closet organizer regardless of any space and budget limitations you may have.

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10 Ways to Upgrade Walk-In Closets for Maximum Organization

Posted by Organizers Direct on 5/6/16 2:56 PM

You don’t have to be a celebrity to understand just how important it is to keep your clothes organized and ready to wear for last-minute events. It’s not just about being fashionable – it’s about getting more use from the clothes you already own. Here are ten tips to upgrade your walk-in closet and achieve maximum organization this season!

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Budgeting Tips for Small Businesses

Posted by Organizers Direct on 3/31/16 4:00 PM

Small business owners know that the difference between a business that flourishes and one that flounders is the business owner’s ability to budget and create a stable financial plan for the company. There are a number of factors that determine which financial decisions are right for your business, including the age of your company, its size and the company’s financial history. With the right guidance, a solid financial foundation is attainable for any custom closet and organizational unit provider within our Organizers Direct family – it’s just a matter of knowing what to do.

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3 Things to Look For in a Custom Closet or Garage System

Posted by Organizers Direct on 2/25/16 8:00 AM

As with any home remodeling project, adding a custom closet or garage organization system to your home requires a lot of research. You, of course, want the best value for your budget, but with all of the options out there, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you are actually getting a good deal – especially when so many companies offer “free” installations or discounts that sound too good to be true. So how can you tell the difference between a truly good deal and a company that’s just marking up their normal prices to offer larger discounts? Here are three things to look out for:

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5 Essential Organization Habits of Successful Business Owners

Posted by Organizers Direct on 1/31/16 9:18 AM

Organization is an essential part of running a business. We all know of at least one business leader that seems to have it all figured out – they are always punctual, always know exactly where to find what they need when they need it, always finish projects with time to spare, and so on. However, well-organized people are not born this way; rather, they use a variety of methods and tools to accomplish their goals and stay focused on their priorities. They develop good habits that make them more efficient and productive. If your goal this year is to be more organized, adopt these daily organization habits of successful business leaders.

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